• About LumeJet
  • About LumeJet
  • About LumeJet

We aren’t just ‘any’ photographic print company.

We don’t just operate other peoples’ printers. Why? Because we know we can do better, and our customers deserve more.

Our headquarters are in Coventry, in the British West Midlands. Coventry has a proud history as a major centre of the industrial revolution and the centre of Britain’s automotive and engineering businesses. Today, the iconic Jaguar Land Rover and Aston Martin companies are both headquartered within a few minutes of us.

We continue that trend of engineering excellence and a willingness to blend the best of historical heritage and skills with modern technologies. Our team of engineers and lab technicians have spent more than 15 years developing the unique L.Type silver halide print process. It hasn’t all been plain sailing, but throughout those years, the vision has been clear: we wanted to apply the very latest digital technology to the best traditional photographic medium: silver halide. We wanted to ensure that the photographers, designers and creatives who work with us achieve the ultimate standards for their printed images and texts.

We are incredibly proud of what we have achieved so far, although we will never stand still.

And now, the team that built those printers operates them, and improves them every day. We are to normal print companies like a racecar team to your local taxi firm.

Our mission is to ensure that every photographer in the world can access a professional quality printing service for every image that matters. Whether you have one photo you are proud of, or are a leading light of photography, we are here to give you the very best. And to deliver that quality at a price that represents excellent value for money.

Marking a new stage of development in the history of photography, the L.Type print applies 21st century digital technology to a century-old medium for a faithful replication of your vision. The results rekindle the romance of print, and you will want to liberate your images from the Cloud.

Our core beliefs

  • We believe that great photographs deserve to be printed, not trapped in the Cloud.
  • We believe that if a photograph matters, it deserves to be printed well: whether it’s for an exhibition, a portfolio, for sale or a gift, or simply to hang on your own wall.
  • We believe that the impact of a truly beautiful print makes a difference.
  • We don’t believe that “good enough” is good enough.
  • We believe photographers are not best served by the current emphasis on cheap printing.
  • We believe that print has not kept up with displays and cameras, and we aim to change that.
  • We care.

Our values

  • We will do what it takes to produce outstanding quality.
  • We will continually innovate and improve – and never accept the status quo.
  • We will show absolute integrity – we stand by our word and our commitments.
  • We are trustworthy, open and honest.
  • We are customer-focussed. If a customer isn’t happy, we will do better, and we will do all we can to ensure the customer receives the perfect print.
  • We will be accessible: systems are critical but people sometimes need to talk to people.