L.Type Books

  • The most beautiful lay-flat books
  • The most beautiful lay-flat books

We don’t just offer sheet photo prints. We also offer the world’s finest lay-flat photo books. With text and graphics, too, when needed.

With the advent of lay-flat binding, we are able to produce stunning books for all purposes. We have the latest ISAG lay-flat book block equipment and produce lay-flat book blocks with spread dimensions up to 295mm x 900mm - easily able to accommodate an A3 landscape lay-flat book. We use the full range of Fuji Crystal Archive Professional photo papers, including DPII papers, the fingerprint-resistant HDX Pro papers and the new ultra-thin XS range.

Pages can be bonded with and without boards between sheets, depending on the required thickness of the end product. Our books are currently limited to 44 spreads (88 pages), assuming the papers have boards between. If flexible pages are required (without boards), the maximum number of spreads is approximately 25 (50 pages), to avoid distortion.

As for quality, forget everything you’ve ever seen in terms of photo books. Our books do justice to your photographs precisely because the pages are real photographs! For too long, the only differentiation between books has been the quality of the binding, and occasionally the paper. No one seems to be that troubled by the quality of the printing. Now at last we can offer print quality that actually justifies the expense of the book – no matter what you cover it with.

And of course, L.Type print had its origin in the quest to produce perfect text and graphics on photographic paper. So now if you want text to accompany your photographs, you can have it, and it will look perfect. Tell your story properly!

We currently only produce book blocks in-house: we have relationships with some of the UK’s best book binders, or are happy to provide your preferred binder with a book block as required.

A LumeJet lay-flat book