Print Partners

  • Our print partners

LumeJet is proud to be partnered with some great photo, print and publishing businesses that have incorporated our ultra high quality printing into their product ranges and services. These businesses understand that their customers value quality and LumeJet’s photonic printing is now giving them an edge. They are all experts in their sector. We welcome approaches from companies interested in new partnerships.


  • Photocrowd is an online photo contest community with members in over 160 countries. Its photographers have an online shop and sell their work globally as prints and canvases. LumeJet printed products will be offered through Photocrowd in Summer 2016.
  • Archivum Publications, part of Bad Halo Ltd group, is a bespoke publishing company specialising in direct to fan and direct to client, high end limited edition folios and prints. Subjects include the arts, music and sports. Archivum is partnered with LumeJet for its future publishing and print projects.
  • Latent Light dedicates itself to producing products of the highest quality standards and are soon to launch LumeJet printed products. By designing its own product components and sourcing materials from the best UK suppliers, Latent Light’s team of craftsmen guarantee quality at an affordable price.
  • Booked Images create hand-crafted, hand-stitched photo books that are perfect for any occasion where quality matters. Now the LumeJet printed Ultra Book with Elegance binding takes that to a new level. Whether you have a wedding story to tell, a life story to celebrate or a business story to share, Booked Images produce the most beautiful coffee table photo books that you can find.
  • Barnard & Westwood Fine Printers & Bookbinders are based in London and specialise in bespoke printing (die stamping, letterpress, foil blocking) and bookbinding, together with modern printing techniques. Our bookbinders are highly skilled and regularly produce bespoke items such as hand-bound leather journals, one-off presentation boxes, and custom commissions.
  • Based in Cologne, Germany, BLITZZOOM offers concepts and solutions to turn artistic photographs into graphic and photographic design features, developing and supplying photographic prints in the sizes desired for home, office and exhibitions. BLITZZOOM specialises in offering excellent professional quality photo products in order to preserve the most beautiful of memories.