Jonathan Glynn-Smith

Jonathan Glynn-Smith’s photography has spearheaded advertising campaigns, books and exhibitions for some of the worlds leading blue chip clients. His evocative and timeless images have inspired magazine editors, luxury brands and his viewers for nearly two decades. Uninhibited, but with a unique clarity of vision, he brings a wealth of personal experience and reference to his pictures. “My lens is a two way tool – the superficial image on one side and my own instinctive need for authenticity on the other”. Behind the sheer beauty of his images, there is a cerebral layer of personal experience which informs all he does. As one onlooker commented after seeing his Paris “Winds and Sails” exhibition for Louis Vuitton – “You know that this man has sailed the worlds toughest seas – no one else could produce pictures of this calibre.” From Vogue covers to Bentley adverts – it’s more than just the photograph. Jonathan Glynn-Smith infuses his work with his own lust for life.

“LumeJet’s L.Type makes me want to print again. I became so used to seeing my images on screen that I’d forgotten the joy of holding a print in your hand or hanging it on the wall. The L.Type’s clarity and colour saturation reflects every nuance of light and shade and brings the captured moment to life.”

- Jonathan Glynn-Smith, photographer and film-maker

Bryn Griffiths FBIPP QEP – Professional Photographer and Hasselblad Master Winner

Whether in the studio or on location, Bryn has been creating imaginatively conceived and wonderfully lit commercial and advertising photography for more than 30 years. Commissioned by many major brands and global corporations, his work can be seen in magazines, brochures, and on billboards, across the world. Bryn is a Hasselblad Master Winner, a distinguished Fellow of the British Institute of Professional Photography (FBIPP), and has also been awarded as a qualified member of the prestigious Federation of European Photographers (QEP). He is the winner of numerous Gold awards, both nationally and internationally, including a clutch of International Apertures, International Loupe Awards, FEP Advertising Awards, a twice Hasselblad World Master finalist and People Choice Winner PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris. In 2017 Bryn was commissioned to produce a series of work for the ‘Hasselblad Masters vol.4 - Evolve’ initiative. The resulting book, “Chernobyl My Sweet”, was produced on L.Type by LumeJet.

"I was blown away when I first saw my L.Type book. I seek perfection and I was delighted that the book not only lived up to but exceeded my expectations. The L.Type format made my work stand out like never before, which made me immensely proud. The quality of the images were spectacular, head and shoulders above any other digital print I have had before. The clarity of the images, the solid blocks of colour and also the pin sharp text within my book were extremely impressive - it just couldn’t have been reproduced by any other method and achieve the same level of quality. Trying L.Type prints for the first time was a revelation and now there’s no going back. I would strongly recommend that any photographer who seeks the best must try L.Type. The service, packing and delivery was also second to none. I had a particularly tight deadline to produce my L.Type book to launch it at an exhibition, and it was right on time."

- Bryn Griffiths FBIPP QEP – Professional Photographer and Hasselblad Master Winner

Richard Pelham, Award winning Chief Sports Photographer at The Sun Newspaper

Richard’s work has taken him to the four corners of the globe, covering prestigious sporting events spanning over four decades.  He has attended numerous sporting events covering six Olympic games, six football World Cup finals, numerous world championship boxing bouts and he is also a regular fixture at Wimbledon. Richard has been working for The Sun Newspaper for 29 years and his passion for photography combined with his love of sport has seen him rewarded with many industry awards for his body of work, including; What The Papers Say, The British Press Awards, Pictured Editors Guild and Photographer of The Year.

"I don’t generally get my images printed, but on the few occasions I have done so in the past I have used local labs for quickness, and they are usually okay for the purpose I need them for. I can however, recommend LumeJet’s L.Type prints and offer them a well deserved 10/10 for quality.  I was extremely impressed with my L.Type prints, they were amazing and the colours just popped off the paper. They certainly provided a WOW factor, and I was delighted to see my photographs in print. I thought the darker hues were good, especially in the Mo Farah picture taken in Rio, and did not produce any banding i.e. blue noise, even at high ISO. The colours were true to life in the skin tones and I would advise any photographer 100 per cent to try L.Type prints for themselves. I cannot wait to get more of my images printed on L.Type. The packaging was excellent and there was no damage to my images, the parcel was sealed very well and the postman treated them with the respect they deserve”.

- Richard Pelham, Award winning Chief Sports Photographer at The Sun Newspaper

Debbie Castro, Director of Training, London School of Photography and Professional Photographer

Debbie Castro lives and works in England and Ireland. Her collaborative photographic and film works examine the relationship of people and place in order to uncover the points of continuity and discontinuity between generations. She has collaborated with a rural community of farmers in Ireland, indoor market traders in North London and working class women in Liverpool. In each of these projects Debbie’s style of working explores issues of power, othering and objectification in order to test the intersection of social practice and photography and her role as a photographer, author and editor. She has also worked on projects on a one to one basis documenting emotional and physical injury and self-harm.

"As photographers, the print is our ultimate test. With this in mind, I am extremely particular in the execution and final outcome. The paper used, the finishing, the faithful translation of details and depth, all vital ingredients, silently adding to the viewer's ability to transcend, to get absorbed, to experience our photographs fully, whatever the subject, whatever the message or emotion. L.Type prints from LumeJet have exceeded my expectations, my vision of what was possible. I am truly amazed. The colours are so intense and vibrant, with an almost 3-D effect that inevitably grabs your attention, embracing your experience to new emotional heights. To date, L.Type is the best print and photo quality that I have ever seen in the market. Competitively priced and most of all, effectively beautiful.”.

- Debbie Castro, Director of Training, London School of Photography and Professional Photographer

Markus Rohrbacher, Professional Photographer - Outdoor, Action, Landscape and Commercial

Markus Rohrbacher is a self-taught freelance photographer based in the centre of the Alps in Austria. As staff photographer at Nitro Snowboards, Markus has been assigned to shoot their athletes and to accompany them on their journeys around the world. Photography has given him the chance to travel around the globe and to capture a unique representation of the sport by documenting landscapes, surroundings and structures in which the athletes find their playground. His commercial clients also include Mercedes Benz, Red Bull, Volvo and The North Face.

“As a professional photographer, you can spend hours or days trying to create and realise an idea. In the end, you want to present your results in the best possible way and I can honestly say that the L.Type prints did that, they are perfect. In these digital times, it has become kind of rare to see your work in print. That makes it even more valuable when you hold a high-quality print like the L.Type in your hands. After taking a photo I often spend hours on the post-production in front of a calibrated monitor. When it comes to printing it out I would expect it to look identical to how it appears on the monitor and that’s exactly what I got from my L.Type prints. I was initially a bit sceptical as to whether they would fulfil my high standards, but they did! The L.Type format delivers very high quality prints, combined with uncomplicated ordering and quick delivery, and that counts for me”.

- Markus Rohrbacher, Professional Photographer - Outdoor, Action, Landscape and Commercial

Ki Price, Award Winning Celebrity and Fashion Photographer

Ki Price started life in Lyme Regis, Dorset, but at an early age ran away with the fair eventually leading to the streets of London which lead him to working for a publication called “Black Poppy” an alternative magazine for people with social issues. He then went on to work with clients including The Times, Vanity Fair, and many other international editorial clients. His studio is based in the heart of east London, where he continues to have bad hair days and shoots for many other international publications specializing in portraiture. Ki was awarded the Canon prize as best image taken over London Fashion Week in 2013 and 2014. Amongst many other projects Ki has been on tour with Vivienne Westwood and Joe Corre on the Talk Fracking tour and has a portrait of Vivienne published in her autobiography.

"L.Type quality printing from LumeJet is what the world of photography has been waiting for. This is the whole reason that camera manufacturers have been making such high end cameras such as the Canon 5DMk3 and Nikon D810. Only L.Type prints can produce the quality needed to properly showcase this new cutting edge camera technology. The bar has been raised by this new level of print quality and high end photographers like me are understandably excited at the possibilities for our work."

- Ki Price, Award Winning Celebrity and Fashion Photographer

Ollie Taylor - International Award Winning Professional Landscape and Landscape Astrophotographer

Ollie Taylor is a freelance photographer whose work has been featured in brochures, on book covers, in business marketing and on 1000s of websites internationally. He has also written for, and featured in, numerous magazines, writing about night and landscape astrophotography projects and techniques specifically for publications such as Advanced Photographer, Practical Photography and Digital Photographer. His work has also featured in local county magazines such as Dorset Life, and many of the mainstream tabloid newspapers including The Telegraph, The Times, The Scottish Times, The Guardian, The Daily Mail, The Scottish Daily Mail, and the Sun. Ollie won the Velux “Lovers of Light” international competition in 2015, had work shortlisted three years in a row for the “Outdoor Photographer of the Year” competition, and was also commended in the 2015 “International Garden Photographer of the Year” competition.

“Upon opening the L.Type prints I was immediately impressed. They are clearly printed to a very high standard and once removed from their packaging you could see and feel the level of quality in both print and paper. To really put the L.Type format to the test I sent them over some nightscape work, a style that has won me acclaim over the years and I now practice the most, as I am quite pedantic when it comes to how that work is printed due to the tones being dark and shadowy. Again I was impressed, the blues and dark tones were spot on and the images had the required definition that I work hard to generate in the field and on screen that does not always translate well to print”.

- Ollie Taylor - International Award Winning Professional Landscape and Landscape Astrophotographer

Brock Elbank, Professional Photographer and Project60/Beard Season Photographer

Brock Elbank lives and works in London. He received media attention in 2013 for his photo series #Project60. Commissioned by Isabella Blow for The Sunday Times Style, he began his career shooting women's fashion. Working in the UK, US and Australia, Elbank's bold distinctive approach led to male styling and portraiture for clients like Nike, Coca-Cola, San Pellegrino, Toyota, Dove and Snickers, for which he won an advertising award in 2004. For nearly a decade, Elbank lived in Sydney where his work became more art based, moving away from professional models and exploring everyday characters and objects, celebrating the idiosyncratic beauty of imperfect features. It was in Australia that Elbank began his personal beard photography project and where he met charity campaigner Jimmy Niggles. Upon his return to the UK in 2013, Elbank embarked upon the #Project60 series as well as new work on the same theme specially for the Somerset House show.

"L.Type prints from LumeJet have allowed us to produce high quality prints, the like of which I have never seen before. L.Type reproduces the detail of an image with a clarity and sharpness that is unmatched, and helps to show the real character of the subject. I simply find any other form of print disappointing now – there’s only L.Type."

- Brock Elbank, Professional Photographer and Project60/Beard Season Photographer